Three ways to have your jewelry appraised

Only experts will appraise your jewelry at Lohmann’s – free-of-charge, immediately and without obligation on your part. Choose among three ways to have your jewelry appraised.

Here are the options:

1. Call us and describe your jewelry

Give us a ring and describe your jewelry as detailed as possible. We’ll give you an immediate pre-appraisal over the phone based on your description. Please note that we cannot give a complete appraisal until we’ve actually evaluated the item personally in one of our pawn shops.

2. Bring the jewelry to one of our shops

Bring your valuable jewelry to one of our shops. No need to make an appointment, one of our employees will welcome you discreetly and without any obligation on your part. We’ll appraise your jewelry on the spot and let you know what amount of loan would be possible based on that item as collateral. If you choose to take out the loan, simply leave your personal property in our expert hands and instantly receive the loan in cash.

C. Online estimates of gold jewelry

Use our user-friendly Online-Estimator to calculate the current purchase price and loan value of your gold jewelry or other gold items. It’s easy!