Expert care of pieces of art


Do you own a valuable painting, watercolor or priceless sculpture? Have you inherited or purchased antique or modern works of art? Regardless of what type of art you own, the piece is probably worth far more to you than the actual monetary value, simply because some things are worth more than their weight in gold. You probably wouldn’t give up these pieces of art for all the money in the world. But in an unexpected difficult financial situation, you could envision relinquishing the artwork for a limited amount of time.

If that’s true, then we are highly qualified to accept your piece of art as collateral for a short-term loan and will ensure the piece is returned to your possession upon redemption of the loan.

If you'd like to know what loan amount would be possible with your artwork as a deposit, you can either present it to us directly in one of our stores, or send a photo via our online appraisal service. Our experts will assess the value of your piece of art free of charge and will let you know within 48 hours what the value of the pawn loan would be.

If you agree with the assessed value, we'll pay the established pawn amount directly to you in cash after personally examining the piece of art.

Caring for your property is of utmost concern to us. So we ensure your piece of art is stored carefully, safely and expertly so we can return it to you in the same condition whenever you’re ready to redeem the pawn / loan.

If you have additional questions concerning pawning items for short-term loans, please consult our FAQs.

As a client at one of our stores, you can count on being served in an uncomplicated and absolutely discreet manner.