Loans for companies and the self-employed

Are you self-employed? If so, you’re probably familiar with the following type of situation: one of your clients is slow in paying your invoice but you need the cash flow for current operations. Or you’d like to start a new project and can’t quite cover the entire price tag. Money can be tight periodically for the self-employed and their businesses. We all know that.

We have a solution for those who would like to avoid taking out a loan. Because that means lots of questions, bureaucracy, high interest rates and the uneasy feeling of being in debt.

Our solution is different: no debts, no high interest rates and definitely no red tape. And yet we lend you money in an urgent situation. How does that work?

We provide a non-complicated, low-interest loan in exchange for your personal valuables as collateral. Jewelry, stamps, artwork, watches, coins, technical equipment, toys or antiques – we loan money for your valuable property and pay the loan to you in cash. Simple and direct, without a credit check – customized to meet your needs.

Take the time to have your valuable belongings appraised: come to one of our pawn shops in Berlin-Charlottenburg or Berlin-Mitte, or use our telephone or online appraisal service. If you agree with the appraised pawn value, you’ll receive that amount in cash in exchange for your personal item.

And once the current storm your business is experiencing calms, you can simply redeem your property.

You’ll definitely do good business with Lohmann Pawn Shops!