Loans from a pawn shop – it's easy!

At Lohmann Pawn Shops we keep the pawning process as simple as possible. That's why the long-standing experts at our Berlin pawn shops grant short-term loans quickly and without loads of paperwork. There’s no need to document your financial situation, no waiting for a decision and definitely no hidden hooks! Instead, you can count on the highest amount of professionalism and confidentiality!

Because at Lohmann Pawn Shops, we know all about valuables: we’re professionals at appraising the value of expensive jewelry, watches, coins, pieces of art, stamps, technical equipment, toys and antiques.

So here are the three easy steps to your loan:

1. Appraisal

Come to one of our pawn shops in Berlin and show us your valuable merchandise. Or give us a call or use our online appraisal service. Our experts will immediately appraise the value, free of charge and without any obligation on your part.

2. Receive loan in cash

Present your i.d. (passport or driver’s license), deposit your property as collateral and you’ll receive the pawn ticket and the assessed value of the pawned item in cash. Without anyone checking your credit!

3. Redemption

You can pick up your property whenever you’d like by presenting the pawn ticket and paying the sum of the loan.
Click here to calculate the amount for interest and fees per month.

If you have any more questions, you’ll most likely find the answer in the FAQs listed below. Or you can call us or stop by the Lohmann Pawn Shops in Berlin-Charlottenburg or Berlin-Mitte. Our employees will be happy to welcome you and answer any additional questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pawn shop?
A pawn shop provides short-term loans in return for valuable items such as gold jewelry, watches, coins, etc. which serve as collateral.

Am I going into debt with a pawn loan?
No, you are not in debt when you take out a pawn loan. In this case, the borrowed money can be considered a loan. In return we provide a short-term advance of cash based on your valuable property and safely store the item in our pawn shops for the period of the loan. As soon as you pay back the sum of the loan plus the interest and fees in our pawn shops in Berlin-Charlottenburg or Berlin-Mitte, your valuable merchandise will be returned to you.

Will you be checking the status of my credit?
No, we do not check your credit or banking situation. We will not ask you about your financial situation nor will we inquire with any other institution about your credit rating.

What do I need to bring with me to place an item in pawn?
All you need to bring are the valuable item and an official document with your address.

What is the term of the loan?
The loan is due after three months. At the end of the three-month period, you can either extend the loan agreement or redeem your property by repaying the loan (plus interest and fees) at one of our pawn shops.

What is the interest rate and what fees are charged?
The fees and interest related to your pawn loan agreement are calculated by the pawn shop for each month. At the end of the three-month period, the client pays the interest and fees for the pawn loan regardless of whether or not they plan to redeem their personal items or extend the loan beyond the initial three months.

The monthly interest rate is 1%.
Monthly fees are based on the amount of the loan:

Amt. of loan

The fees up to 300 Euros listed above are in accordance with prescribed German legal standards.
A fee of 2.75 % is charged for amounts between 301 and 600 Euros. For any amount greater than 601 Euros, a fee of 2.5 % is charged.

Loan Amount Calculator:
Enter the desired loan amount and calculate the monthly interest and fees. Please enter whole amounts in Euros.

Can I renew the term of the loan beyond the initial three months?
Yes, you can always extend the term of the loan beyond the three-month period. Please note that the interest and fees due for that first period must be paid before the term of the loan can be extended.

How safely do you store my personal belongings?
We guarantee professional storage of all valuable merchandise at our pawn shops in Berlin-Charlottenburg and Berlin-Mitte. Each item is insured according to legally prescribed guidelines.

What happens if I misplace my pawn ticket?
If a pawn ticket is lost or misplaced, we will issue a replacement ticket, for example, if you’re extending the term of the loan, or a duplicate of the ticket which is then no longer valid if the original is found.

I would like to keep the amount of the loan instead of redeeming my pawned merchandise. Is that possible?
Yes. If you do not pick up a personal item after the three-month period expires and decide to not extend the loan agreement, your personal item will be auctioned in Berlin after an additional month has transpired. At Lohmann Pawn Shops, we generally don’t auction merchandise until about 5-7 months after loans expire. This provides clients with greater flexibility if they decide to redeem their personal belongings after all.

Where are the auctions held?
Auctions are held at the following auction house:
Adolfo Pampus (state-licensed public auctioneer and appraiser)
Rudower Strasse 132
12351 Berlin

What happens with the proceeds from the auction?
If a higher price is achieved for your personal item, we forward that amount to you. The pawn shop covers the loss if an item is sold at a lower price than its pawned value. If the amount from a higher sale price is not redeemed within two years, the pawn shop is required to forward that money to the government.

How do you handle the obligation of secrecy?
Personal information recorded for the purposes of lending money for a pawned item is kept strictly confidential.